Leather Dog Collar pink

Stylish, elegant and functional dog collar in leather or solid color. Choose from a variety of styles, materials, and colors. If your dog is a fashionista, you need to buy this product. The best dog collars for a premium price. We design and manufacture the finest designer dog collars

As a great dog-lover, I want our furry friends to have the best. With careful attention to all details, leather dog collar features a safe buckle and D-ring, additional fixator for a strap, and well-stitched quality leather. Dog collar is super soft, so your pet won`t even notice it while having zoomies. Choose the perfect color and size – surprise your little one with a delightful gift.

We admit that some dogs prefer simple leather collars, but a touch of bright color on leather makes it worth. Our premium leather collars are the best, adding color to your best puppy`s life in a simple way. Durable Buffalo Leather is the best choice for comfort and durability. Color leather dog collars are ideal for people who prefer simple and stylish items. The best dog collars are colored leather collars with stainless steel hardware.

Collars range and sizes are available



  • That`s not only the glamorous accessories but a practical necessity.
  • It is comfortable and pleasant to touch.
  • Outstanding quality for good;
  • Unique and personalized design.
  • Variety of colors to choose from.
  • Never-to-be-worn-out material.
Weight 1 kg